An Interesting Project

In this country were fantasy becomes reality happen incredible things. The ICBF (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar, in English: Colombian Family Welfare Institute ) is giving away one meal a day to poor children. There is other plan too, the PAE (Plan de Nutrición Escolar, in English: Schoolchild Nutrition Plan) that is free education and one meal a day, breakfast or lunch, or sometimes both.

Can you believe that there are people who robbed the meal of this children? Well when my boss was contextualizing me about this new project, I couldn’t avoid my laughter, I stopped when he said me .. ” is not a joke, but don’t worry, I couldn’t believe too”.

Well there is a group of people who receives money of ICBF, buy food and have to spread the meal to children. At the end of each day they have to write a report when describe the number of children who receive the meal and the number of children who don’t. Some of this people alter their report saying that more children received the meal than the real number. Another ones sale this meal to children and in the report says they gives the meal.

When the parents of this children complained about this situation, ICBF decided to implement a new plan. Each point of attention for children will have a terminal that will authenticate children reading their fingerprint. If the authentication is successful, the child will have their meal.

This is my project, the authentication process. When you work with a PC you have “Infinite” resources, but a terminal is different. In addition I have to come back to my past and have a look to C and C++ (references, pointers, structures, unions, hexadecimals, bit operators, etc). In addition we have to encrypt the data and to implement some security transmission methods.

I can’t believe. meanwhile in another countries like USA, Canada, Germany, France, England people implements this kind of solutions to improve the security in banks, jewelers or government, in my country we implement this solutions to avoid than stupid people rob the meal of poor children.


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