About OLPC

Everybody is thinking OLPC is the project that will help children of underdevelop countries, because is the opportunity for poor children to know about technology and it allow comunication between children who are in remote sites where the access is hard or impossible in some cases due to politics situations or geographic locations.

OLPC presented the possibility to learn without teacher or with a teacher but in a collaborative way. helping each other. OLPC presented us the possibility of create and  interconnect comunities of children and teachers who changes information and increase their habilities. it sounds So beautiful.

But, when situations are so good my mother says: “Of this good thing, won’t give so much” and she was right. Poverty is a Business, OLPC knows. For this reason OLPC used their volunteers to become strong, famous and to build their base system, and next OLPC betrayed their volunteers.

OLPC presented the open source as a strong tool for this solution, a strong tool for poor children and underdevelop countries. For this reason a lot of people of developed countries were added to this project as volunteers (Thanks guys) because OLPC presented their project as a way to nivelate the digital underdevelopment between countries. Many people of countries in Latinamerica made comunities arround this project, because we believed this as a opportunity to poor children because our government won’t do anything. We made a group too, we worked a lot and too hard, showing the project in conferences, events, and some politicians and foundations, reading mails, some members writting code for activities, translating pages, documenting process, and IRC meetings. OLPC people was Happy with us and our job.

When The first pilot started in Colombia, we made the technical work (updating machines and testing) and some training programs for children and teachers. This work was paid. OLPC has not representation in my country, so there is not a way to give technical support for machines, network or school servers. Our objective was support the pilots in a technical way, but we becomes a danger to OLPC, because new pilots were appearing in Colombia and this pilots want our help.

OLPC has not a local team for technical support, but won’t leave us to give the technical support either. OLPC wants to manage this situations in a central way, focusing power in OLPC and forgetting the volunteers.

OLPC slogan was “is an educational project not a laptop project” JA!!! let me laugh a lot!! but now you have to buy at least 10.000 laptops to start a pilot. Is a Laptop project off course!! Where is the educational Plan Mr OLPC?? do you have a training program for teachers?? Do you have a technical support for pilots arround the world? What about licences?  yes, OLPC, you did it!! you sold a lot of machines without technical and educational support.

Now, OLPC laptops has windows and next OLPC generations will have windows. The licence cost is 3 dollars but how many poor children has a country? The probelm for me is not windows. The problem for me is the betray. OLPC betrayed their volunteers and their objectives.

Now, OLPC laptops has Windows and next OLPC generations will have Windows. The licence cost is 3 dollars but how many poor children has a country? The problem for me is not Windows. The problem for me is that OLPC betrayed their volunteers and their customers. OLPC betrayed their objectives.

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