Dharma and Mozilla Summit Part 1

The tittle of this post is about  Dharma. Dharma are the good things that happen when you do something good.  But to write about my Darma, I have to write about my Karma first.

This story begins the day when the embassy of Canada refused my Visa. There were 3 reasons that drove to the embassy to take these desition:  My contracts ended on June 30th, I have not a husband or children in Colombia and I had traveled to Cuba one year ago (and I will be back… I don’t know the date but I will). This three reasons were enough for the consul think that i would stay illegal in Canada. The notification about my visa refusing was delivered to my home. When I read the document with the reasons, I got angry (very angry) and  I told myself: To stay ilegaly in Canada? my God,  I have my friends, a contract renovation, my family and my cat in Colombia.. If I wanna leave this things I would have to earn a lot of money or at least to get a goooooood Job in Canada, but I wouldn’t leave leave my country to wash dishes as an illegal worker! I just wanna go for the Mozilla Summit!

I told to my friend Guillermo by chat who got angry too. “Is always the same, but let me see what you can do”, he said. And the next day he told me  “Send an email to …  and  to … from Mozilla” and I did it.  In summary, there were two layers from Canadian emigration working hard in my case and Canadian embassy sent me an email asking by my documents (again) and in one week I got my visa (it takes 20 days). I had to claim it directly to the Canadian embassy, early at the morning (7:00 am) I was a bit sick (a flu) so I covered my face and my head (like al qaeda guy but in pink). I was at the embassy at 7:03 am, it was raining and 6 degrees I had a flu and It was not possible to stay into the embassy because security reasons, so I has to wait out of the office, on the street and I told myself  “My God I am not a dog, I am just a girl asking by a visa why I can’t to stay in?” But It was not the worst!

My visa was going to be delivered at the mail box in the first floor of the embassy but it was not. I had to wait 4 hours out of the embassy, but raining, 6 degrees , to be dressed as an al qaeda guy (in pink) because a flu are not a good combination, so I walked arround looking for a coffee o some hot drink, dressed as an Al Qeda guy (but in pink).  Close to Canadian embassy there are 2 additional embassies: the Mexican and other one (I don’t remember wich one) so, security Guys thought I was a terrorist, they catched me and they asked me why are you walking arround and dressed in this way? I answered: Because I have a flu and I am waiting for my Canadian Visa but is not possible to stay in embassy and I am looking for a hot drink.  The security man told me “You have to uncover your face” and I told Him “Im sorry I have a flu. Call to the Canadian  embassy if you want to know who I am, but believe me I am very sick”  Finaly, he called to the Canadian Embassy and asked about me, and I got free.  For a second time at the morning, I told to my self: “My God I am not a dog!.. but I wanna be a dog,  at least the guardian dogs are into the building!”

Next I got to get in the embassy. I was interviewed, and I had to wait some minutes. Finally I got my Visa. So I went to my house, I took at least 5 different medicines for flu  and I got ready for Mozilla Summit 2010.

This is not the end of my Karma,  it is just the first part.


2 thoughts on “Dharma and Mozilla Summit Part 1

  1. Most of the time these government officials are senseless….They act like super naturals..Anyway finally u got the visa…thats the great thing

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