Dharma and Mozilla Summit Part 2

I was Happy!. Finally I got it! I was road to the airport with my friend Rafael. I did my check in, my baggage was storage and I was ready to board my flight. It was  9:00 PM, a bit early because my flight date was at 11:05 PM. I walked arround the airport with Rafael, talking about different things… finally, we say goodbye at 10:00 PM and I went to my gate. My bag and my visa were reviewed by emigration  and I got interviewed (4 questions) by federal agents of Colombia and every thing was running ok.

I sat in my boarding room. The flight assistant told us an announce “Ladies and Gentlemen your flight has been delayed 2 hours due to technical problems. We hope you can understand”… people understood, I understood!. So, I decided to walk arround and do something, maybe to call to my mother but finally I called a friend. When I got back to my boarding room the flight assistant said “Ladies and Gentlemen, our tripulation had a traffic accident road to airport. The flight is canceled. please make a line in front of me and our air line will pay you a hotel and your flight is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:00 pm”. At 1:00 pm?? I told my self: “Is impossible, at 1:00 pm I have to be in Vancouver if we flight at 1:00 pm i will arrive to Vancouver at midnight! and how can I go to Whistler at midnight?” I notified my situation to the flight assistant and she told me “People in Vancouver will help you, don’t worry”. I went to the hotel with the rest of the group, I went to bed and I waked up early, I had my breakfast and the whole group went by bus to the airport.

I did my check-in, the airline managed my flight connection at 9:00 pm. I had to pass by emigration again, and I sat into the waiting room when I saw an old woman looking for me. She asked me “Are you going to Vancouver miss?” and I answered “Yes, why?”. The woman told me her flight connection was the next day and she have to spend an additional day in Toronto, she does not speak english  and she is traveling to Vancouver to visit her daughter and a person in Toronto who is waiting for her to help her with her flight connection, but due to flight cancellation this person can’t wait and she had no idea what to do.  I told her, “take it easy, I will help you with your connection, mine is today, yours is tomorrow but i can explain you how to take a connection or we can ask to the airline assistant if is possible to change your connection to today”. Finally the woman got calm and  we boarded our flight (at 1:00 pm). As a coincidence,  her seat was at side of mine!

7 hours… 7 hours took the flight to arrive to Vancouver, 7 hours talking with this woman. I had Fun! I had fun a lot! She was a funny and cool old woman, she lives in Medellin, she goes to the gym, she likes parties, she has a job.. we talked about her ex husband (hehehe)  my ex boyfriend (hehehe) and her daughter.

When I arrived to Toronto, I ran, because I had 30 minutes to claim my baggage, to pass by emigration again and to take my connection.  Juventina (the old woman) came with me. When we claimed our baggage, I had a big surprise: Juventina’s baggage was very very heavy. She had 3 big suitcases and very very very heavy. I promised her I will help her, so I had to run with my suitcase and one of her three suitcases and she with the other ones.  Finally we  were on the checking line. When I had my turn, I told to the flight assistant about Juventina’s situation, and I got it!, the flight assistant changed her connection and we will travel in the same flight!

When emigration agents reviewed  my bag, they detected coffee and a Victoria’s Secret Splash that I bought in the airport of Bogotá, so they called me, they opened my bag, they reviewed my pockets, my shoes, my jacket, my belt and they passed a special drugs detector over my clothes, hands and hair… Finally, they called me to a room, and I thought “Oh my God… x-rays… an interview with federal agents… no please no”. But I was wrong, The federal Agent told me: “Keep in mind you are not allowed to carry liquids over  100 ml in your hand baggage.” … “Ok,  I will keep in mind, thank you” (I don’t know why I said Thank you)  and I was free, I put my things into my bag again, Juventina was waiting for me and we ran!

Finally we boarded our flight. When we got in airplane, people saw us  as telling us “Because of you we have 20 minutes late”. So, we had a seat as fast as possible and we got slept, I don’t remember the Flight assistant talking about security, or smoking or anything. When we waked up just when flight arrived to Vancouver.  Date: June 7th, 1:30 am. I asked to my flight assistant about transportation to Whistler, and she told me “I’m sorry miss, our responsibility is to carry you to Vancouver not to Whistler. You have to wait for the first bus at 7:00 am and to pay for it. It is arround 68 dollars” Noo Way! 89 dollars? … 89 dollars? … 89 dollars?!!! Maybe the bus driver is Antonio Banderas or Justin Timberlake!! ( I told myself) , I had no idea what to do. Mi first time in Canada, a foreign language, without friends and accommodation …. but believe me …This is the end of my karma

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