Dharma and Mozilla Summit Part 3

Midnigth in Vancouver, alone, I didn’t know the city, I didn’t know people in Vancouver so, The best desition is to wait 5 hours in the airport and  at 7:00 am to take a bus to Whistler… so easy!  But Juventina and her dougther told me “No way. You come with us! You need to eat something and sleep well” And on this way begins my Dharma.

I decided to accept Juventina’s invitation and to stay at her doughter house. We traveled by car for 30 minutes, when we arrive to their house, Natalia (Juventina’s daugther) cooked for us. We reviewed the Whistler bus stops and we saw on the web site it was not necessary to travel to the airport again, just to the Water front station in Vancouver.

Next day, Natalia waked me up early. She cooked my breakfast and the got me an aditional  Sandwich and some strowberries .. “you do not know when you will eat again” she told me and we went to the Canada line Station.  I took the Canada Line, I stopped in Water front Station, I looked for The Pan Pacific Hotel and I asked about tickets for bus to Whistler.  A gentle men attended me and he explained me when I had to buy my bus ticket. He got me a Map and he marked the train station when I had to ask for a Bus Station.

Finally, I buy my ticket to Whistler. Price: 32 dollars, not 68. (I think so, but I am sure it was not 68 dollars) So, for this price I was sure the bus driver was not Antonio Banderas (very sad) but anyway I awas road to Whistler. I called to Natalia And Juventina and I told them “Thank you, I am Ok, I have the ticket!”.
I arrived to Whistler. I asked for the hotel, but anybody knows about Fairmout Hotel. I went to Information site, a Guy toldme  “The bus stop to this hotel is behind those threes”. I came, but I didn’t see the bus station behind the threes!.  I askend again to people who passed in front of me, a taxi driver a gril on a bike…  A Guy, A Mexican Guy was wahtching me and suddenly he came to me and spoke me in spanish… I felt on save!. Cesar (the mexican guy) told me he was working in a hotel at side of Fairmount, and he helpend ne with my suitcase and we went to the Bus stop.  We took the bus and He spoke about Canada, Whistler, Vancouver trough road to Fairmount Hotel. He gave me his mobile number and when we arrived to Fairmount Hotel and said: “keep it, if you need help just call me. I will be at the hotel working this week and I have friends in Vancouver, they are mexicans too.” We said good bye and I got in into the Fairmount Hotel, I registered, I went to my room, I sent a email to Guillermo Movia from Mozilla Argentina and I go down for the Mozilla Summit.
I had met very very nice people. First of all, I met people from Hispanic Comunity by person. this guys are Very nice Guys, so smart and funny. I met Girls from WoMoz, People from Mozilla and other comunities and Mitchelle Backer, My Summit Buddy!! I assited to very interesting conferences,  I played Ping Pong every night before communities meetings.
I remember the world expo talking about Colombia. I showed The best product of Colombia: Coffee.  A guy told me : “Colombia… Cocaine”, I didn’t answer anything I just thougth Idiot! and next I thought  Maybe he does not know what means to produce one grame of cocaine and how many people die producing this shit… But anyway world expo was a great oportunity to meet people too and to show  what Mozilla Colombia Comunity  is working on.  at Word expo,  I meet  Seth, the Localization Coordinator a very very nice guy, I met Andres, a Colombian guy who works in Mozilla in Mountain View.  He had no idea about our comunity, so, when World expo ended, we meet and spoke for hours and hours. I met WoMoz Members 😀 and we had a interesting speaking at lunch, Mitchelle told me some interesting things that I’m trying to work on.
I really Enjoyed Mozilla Summit 2010.  Conferences was so interesting, science fair, world expo… I had a good time at the party (I didn’t know nerds had fun on this way!, I like this nerds) At the end I was so tyred, I said to my Hispanic friends: “I don’t want speak in english, I am veru very tyred.. I do’nt want think or speak, i just want sleep by 2 days”, but I didn’t, I spent an additional week in Vancouver, meeting people form Mozilla, walking arround with Guillermo and Willy, Traveling By Ferry, by bus, visiting shopping centers, at the beach, at the parks, in summary enjoying my Dharma.

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