FLISOL Fusagasugá

Mozilla as sponsor of #FLISOLFusaPast year, I was invited to attend the FLISOL Fusagasugá. I had an stand and 2 speaks: one mine and other one by a guy who learned Firefox OS by himself (Giovanni) and now is part of our community and is very active in his town and the closest ones. This year we attended again but as sponsor! and a small caravan of Mozillians were invited.

Fusagasugá is a town very close to Ibagué (2 hours by bus) where Gioyik and Miguel live and very close to Bogotá (1 hour and a half, but 3 hour in real because traffic in Bogotá) where I live. In total we were 5 Mozillians at the event: Gioyik, Miguel, Deiby, Giovanni and me.

The caravan

The caravan

Gioyik and Giovanny talked about Web Components and Firefox OS, Miguel and I were at the stand and talking with people about Mozilla and Firefox and Deiby was the event organizer.


Usually the FLISOL event has too much people attending it but this was in a town, close to 60 people attended the event. The main difference between a FLISOL in a big city and an small one is, in a town is people get interested faster because is not common to have events in their town, most of the times, people have to travel to big cities to attend an event , so we had a lot of attention.

We had an interview and it was so funny! Gioyik and me were allways making jokes to the interviewer and ofcourse, we answered the questions.

I had to figth with some attenders because they tried to steal my toys!!

At the end we were very happy, people were very happy, too much people in our stand and interested in Firefox OS, Gioyik and Miguel installed Firefox in a couple of tablets, Giovanny, Gioyik and I organized new activities for people from Fusagasugá and closest towns.

The bad thing: I realized Giovanni has a longer and more beautiful hair than me.


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