about me


Cats lover, ex swimmer, salsa dancer, traveller, coffee addict and open source lover.  I really enjoy meeting my friends to talk about technology and open source and their influence in our society while enjoying a coffee, beer, lunch or dinner and sometimes while we cook, we use to call it  “Talks to save the world”.   As most of the Latin Americans, I’m a very passionate person and a bit noisy.   Internet activism and  software developer are my careers and I really enjoy them.  To know more about me read below.

Software developer has been my career for a long time and I enjoy it most of the times.  Although  Java is the technology I use to work and my code is not open source (because my contract’s restrictions),  I have been involved in open source communities since I was a student when I discovered the open source movement.  Being part of open source communities allowed me learning technologies different to Java by my self just for fun.

I started my career as activist in 2010 when I joined to Mozilla.  My friend Jefferson and I started the local community and our main goal was to spread the importance of open standards and open Web and supporting some technical  Mozilla reviewing bugs, testing, coding or any technical activity.  My activism became stronger with SOPA .  This law changed the way I conceive Internet and I understood Internet was beyond technical issues, companies and people, I realized the importance of governments and how easy they can be influenced by companies interests.  I decided to do something and joined to RedPaTodos community and Karisma Fundation to fight against our local SOPA (Ley Lleras).  After this, I got involved in different activism activities and campaigns sponsored by Karisma, Mozilla, IGF, ICANN and Lacnic.

At the present time, I develop both careers and driving both at the same time is a diary challenge.   I still looking for a way to work both in the same job.



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