Communities and Open Source

By francois schnell


RedPaTodos is a community of activists and Internet users who defend open web, open access, and promotes free and open participation in Internet

Mozilla Communities

I’m active since August 2009 when a friend showed me the Womoz Project (Women in Mozilla). I got very interested and decided to participate.

By roger_ipa


Although Java is the technology I use to work and my code is not open source (because my contract’s restrictions), I have been involved in open source


Logo credits I’m a “Newbie” at GitLab. I have create some dockerFiles to make my techie life easier and for some nerdy projects I’m working with my nerdy friends just for fun. Here is my repository

Docker Hub

Logo By dotCloud, Inc. File:Docker (container engine) logo.png, Apache License 2.0, Link I’m “Newbie” at Docker Hub. I have create some Images to make my techie life easier. Here is my repository

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