IGF and LacIGF

By Fumi Yamazaki https://www.flickr.com/photos/fumi/10526036235/in/photolist-h39FRn-8BqTQv-8BuKjh-8BqCTM-8BrL2a-8BuA1f-8BtH5j-drFDf2-8Bvs79-8BueoY-8BqJk4-8Bs3gg-8Bu9Eo-8Br9d6-8BqwLP-8BvdqA-8Bv1BS-drFKqw-8BqvRi-h4VcvB-h4UhYL-h4Ua4N-------------h4Uvu5-h4TXgP-h4TVux-h4VecH-gR1Rua-h4TXnm-h4U8p4-h39Hvo-h4TYZP-gR18n7-h39X8U-h37QWS-gR11N5-h4Uuih-h4Vq92-h4TQhZ

I started my participation in Internet Governance Forum in 2012 until now as member of RedPaTodos, representing civil society and sponsored by different organizations (Lacnic, IGF, Google, Karisma). The main target of my participation has been to follow discussions about surveillance, net neutrality, privacity and cybersecurity in order to sharing the new knowledge and take actions with the colombian Internet Governance group and find a way to make influence in government


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