IGG Colombia

The Internet Governance Group for Colombia was created after the LacIGF5. This event was hosted in Bogotá and the different Internet actors attend it and most of them for the first time (including me). This meeting was the first opportunity to have a meeting face to face with local internet actors and talk about local regulations an problems about Internet. After this meeting and the IGF at Bakú,  We decide to make a group and find a way to involve government in Internet Governance.

Actually is not big, but active group who has been working since 1 year ago. Finally we got government involved and have made activities together (business, academy, civil society and government). We have bimontly meetings in different places (Karisma office, Google, Colnodo),  all our meetings has an online alternative and notes are published in our Wiki page.  I am the person who organize the meetings and the wiki page admin.