The day we fight back

Global campaign against mass surveillance.  In Bogotá several activities were developed by RedPaTodos + Karisma Fundation + Mozilla Colombia Community. The activities developed this day were:

  • Painting a wall (mural)
  • Cryptoparty in Hackbo
  • Poster to be distributed in the city
  • A video explaining how mass surveillance is about
  • Twitter and Facebook campaign promoting the video, poster and mural

I supported the campaign as Mozilla Colombia member helping with the wall painting logistic, CriptoParty (Talking about Firefox Browser and it’s tools for privacy), Twitter and Facebook (through @mozillacolombia and or Facebook page)  Our local campaign was #InternetSinChuzadas but we supported the international one too #TheDayWeFightBack

As a result, our campaign was mentioned in different media and the mural picture was retweeted hundred times.
Different organizations (local and global) recognized our job: